Carpet binding


Runners and baseboards and area rugs, oh my! Carpet binding services

Would you like an area rug in one of your rooms with hardwood flooring or tile? Would you like a carpet runner going up the flight of steps between levels or going down a hallway? If you have a business, are you looking for an option to finish the carpet along the walls other than a vinyl cove base? Do you have a beautiful area rug, but its edges are frayed? Then our carpet binding service in Pasadena, MD is for you.

What is binding?

Binding is the process of sewing a ribbon of fabric around the edge of your carpet. This ribbon serves the practical function of preventing the edge from being scuffed or frayed. It also serves the aesthetic function of giving you a clean, attractive, finished edge to your carpet. In fact, for area rugs that will sit on a hard surface, there are also non-skid backings that can be incorporated into the binding process, giving you a completed area rug perfect for both formal and informal settings.



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What kinds of carpeting gets bound?

Any form of carpet can be bound into an area rug. It might be a plush carpet or a Berber that you have put into your home and you would like a matching area rug for a hardwood den or tile dining room. You might simply fall in love with a piece of carpet from our Pasadena, MD showroom and decide that it would be perfect for an area rug in your home.

Runners for steps are also a very popular application of our binding service. This allows you to have the benefits of carpet on the steps while also showing off the finished hardwood on the steps themselves. Similarly, bound runners are also popular in hallways. You have the benefit of sound absorption from the carpet flooring, but get to leave the beauty of the wood partially exposed.

Another common application of binding is found in the business world. Often, after installing commercial carpet on the floor of a showroom or office, the designers will choose to have a 4"-6" strip of the same carpet bound on one side and then installed in place of the traditional vinyl cove base. It adds a very finished look to your space.

If our carpet binding service sounds intriguing or perhaps you need a new area rug, why not stop by our Pasadena, MD showroom? We at Carpet Village take great pride in the carpet binding services we offer. Whether you are in Linthicum Heights, Ferndale, Severn, Glen Burnie, Millersville, Arnold, Severna Park, Pasadena, or the surrounding areas, we would like to work with you to meet your binding needs.