For a floor that is truly, and completely waterproof: luxury vinyl

Do you have an area of your home or business that is often exposed to water? Do you have a basement with a temperamental sump pump? Do you need a flooring that is truly resilient to moisture issues while also being strong and durable? Luxury vinyl flooring is for you.


Luxury vinyl floors are truly waterproof. They do not warp, bubble, fade, or disintegrate due to regular exposure to water. Even the adhesive seal between the vinyl planks will not lose its integrity due to water. It is truly an option to consider when you are looking for a floor for areas where moisture is commonly present

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Nevertheless, water is not the only reason to choose vinyl flooring for your home or business. These floors are durable and can handle high traffic areas with ease. Whether you have a lot of foot traffic or there are carts and other wheeled items that move over the floor regularly, these floors are designed to perform flawlessly. They are also somewhat softer than other hard surfaces, which means that they will be easier on those who find themselves on their feet for large portions of the day.

Don't fear scratches

Luxury vinyl flooring is remarkably resilient to wear and tear, and if a sharp edge on a piece of furniture scratches it, all is not lost. The design on these floors runs through the entire thickness of the top layer. That way, even if a small gouge is accidentally made in the vinyl material, it will blend with the rest of the floor. Instead of bringing ruin, it will look like part of the texture of the original flooring.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Pasadena, MD from Carpet Village


Many options are before you when you consider vinyl flooring. Some designs have the look and feel of hardwood flooring. Is hardwood not the design you are looking for? That is no problem. We also have designs that look like ceramic tile and stone flooring. Are you perhaps a little bored with a traditional installation? Have our professional installers lay your new vinyl floor at an angle in your room or with a design to set the space off.

At Carpet Village, we are your retail provider of luxury vinyl floors. Whether you live locally in Pasadena, MD or you live in surrounding areas like Severna Park, Arnold, Millersville, Glen Burnie, Severn, Ferndale, or Linthicum Heights, we are your retailer. Come visit our showroom and let our professional sales staff assist you in meeting your flooring needs.